One of the oldest Southern Fraternities following the Civil war, and the oldest Fraternal organization compromising the Virginia Circle, Pi Kappa Alpha was founded March 1st 1868 at the University of Virginia. Meeting in secret, our six founding members convened to draft the charter for a Greek-letter, social fraternity that has become one of the largest Fraternal Organizations in the world. Today, we uphold the tradition set forth by our founding fathers by remaining dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, success and  high moral character, and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience. 

The Kappa Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was established November 1st 1997 at University of California San Diego.

What We Stand For

The four defining attributes of a True Pike are being a Scholar, a Leader, an Athlete, and a Gentleman. These are qualities each brother strives to embody and further develop during their time as an active member of the Kappa Phi Chapter.


Scholar is the first Pillar of a True Pike, because above all else we believe in taking advantage of the educational environment UCSD provides to the fullest. In addition, the Kappa Phi Chapter acknowledges that the primary focus for any young man attending University should be the study’s he is engaged in. Many current brothers extend their studies beyond the classroom with the help of Pi Kappa Alpha’s extensive Alumni network and spend summers engaged in research or getting hands on experience in the realms of the Sciences, Engineering, Economics, Business and Fine Arts.



Here at the Kappa Phi Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha, each brother is encouraged to strive for a leadership position both within the fraternity and among student organizations. In fact many of our members have founded or hold executive positions in student run clubs or organizations.


Pi Kappa Alpha believes that athletic competition can provide valuable benefits to college students, because it encourages young men to challenge each other and to perform at their highest levels. The Kappa Phi Chapter continues to embody this pillar by repeatedly claiming UCSD’s Sports Banner for achieving the best ranks in inter-fraternal athletic competition.


As a Social Fraternity the Kappa Phi chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha holds its brothers to the highest standards of behavior. Believing that being a gentleman is so fundamental, yet an often lost art in today’s society; the Kappa Phi chapter strives to recruit and train only the  most courteous and refined young men attending UCSD.

Rushing Pi Kappa Alpha

At the University of California San Diego, the official rush period is week two of each quarter (fall, winter, spring). You can meet the brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha by looking for our garnet and gold canopy on library walk, and attending our various events through-out the week designed to have potential members and established brothers get to know each other in a social setting. To find out information regarding current events during our rush season, please find our rush page on Facebook where we post up-to-date schedules and event opportunities.

The Kappa Phi chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha believes the key to maintaining the prestige of the chapter is to recruit only the best men possible to carry out Pike traditions and values. In keeping, a strong recruitment candidate would exemplify the pillars of a True Pike (as explained above). However, as the main focus of the new member education process is to train and refine these values, applicants need not exemplify all pillars to the fullest at the time of application; this is the lifelong goal of the True Pike. One exception to this rule is the pillar “Gentleman” as every potential new member is expected to have internalized a strong sense of morality and refined character prior to rushing.

Rush Events Fall 2016

Saturday 10/1:
Sports Day – Muir Courts – 2pm

Sunday 10/2:
IFC Info Night – Price Center Plaza – 6-9pm

Sunday 10/2:
Pizza in Price Center -Student Leadership Chambers (4th floor of Price Center) – immediately following IFC Info Night

Monday 10/3:
Beach and Sports BBQ – meet at Sun God Lawn for rides – 5-7pm

Tuesday 10/4:
Meet the Pikes (formal attire) – meet at Sun God Lawn for rides – 5-7:30pm

Wednesday 10/5: Regents BBQ – meet at Price Center Loop for rides – 6-8pm

Thursday 10/6: Interviews – Invite Only

Friday 10/7: Bid Dinner – Invite Only